SEW-35 Accepted Papers

Hareton Leung. Viewpoint-based Risk Assessment and Prioritization
Antonio Vetro', Nico Zazworka, Forrest Shull, Carolyn Seaman and Michele Shaw. Investigating Automatic Static Analysis Results to Identify Quality Problems: an Inductive Study
Frank Stappers, Michel Reniers, Sven Weber and Jan Friso Groote. Dogfooding the formal semantics of mCRL2
Graeme Smith and Kirsten Winter. Incremental Development of Multi-Agent Systems in Object-Z
Sophia Voulgaropoulou, Georgios Spanos and Lefteris Angelis. Analyzing Measurements of the R Statistical Open Source Software
Markus Doedt and Bernhard Steffen. An Evaluation of Service Integration Approaches of Business Process Management Systems
Marian Borek, Nina Moebius, Kurt Stenzel and Wolfgang Reif. Model-Driven Development of Secure Service Applications
Petros Papadopoulos, Huaglory Tianfield, David Moffat and Peter Barrie. Self-Organising Centralised Service Composition Multi-Agent Systems in an Open SOA Environment
Manuel I. Capel and Luis Eduardo Mendoza. Automating the transformation from BPMN models to CSP+T specifications
Arunesh Mathur, Harshal Choudhary, Priyank Vashist, William Thies and Santhi Thilagam. An Empirical Study of License Violations in Open Source Projects
Yi Li, Jing Sun, Jin Song Dong, Yang Liu and Jun Sun. Planning as Model Checking Tasks
Barry Wilks and Paul Bailes. Self-definition for Systems Development
Barbara Gallina, Irfan Sljivo and Omar Jaradat. Towards a Safety-oriented Process Line for Enabling Reuse in Safety Critical Sys-tems Development and Certification
Sven Jörges and Bernhard Steffen. Exploiting Ecore’s Reflexivity for Bootstrapping Domain-Specific Code-Generators
Anupama Surendran and Philip Samuel. Partial Slices in Program Testing
Tanja Vos, Elisa Puoskari and Peter M. Kruse. Evaluating Combinatorial Testing in an Industrial Environment: a case study
Kenneth Lind and Rogardt Heldal. Automotive System Development using Reference Architectures
Yanhong Huang, Yongxin Zhao, Shengchao Qin, Guanhua He and Joao F. Ferreira. A Timed CSP Model for the Time-Triggered Language Giotto
Jianwen Li, Geguang Pu, Zheng Wang, Yuxiang Chen, Liyun Zhang, Yanxia Qi and Bin Gu. An Approach to Requirement Analysis for Periodic Control Systems
Alejandro Sanchez, Ademar Aguiar, Luis Barbosa and Daniel Riesco. Analysing Tactics in Architectural Patterns
Rogardt Heldal, Håkan Burden and Martin Lundqvist. Limits of Model Transformations for Embedded Software
Rui Couto, António Nestor Ribeiro and José Creissac Campos. A Java based PSM/PIM and pattern inference approach
Najeeb Ullah, Maurizio Morisio and Antonio Vetro. A Comparative Analysis of Software Reliability Growth Models using defects data of Closed and Open Source Software
Daniela Da Cruz, José Luís Freitas and Pedro Rangel Henriques. A Comment Analysis approach for Program Comprehension