29+ Post Titles To Increase CTR by 25%

What is the difference between good content and content that becomes viral and is read, shared, appreciated?

The answer is very simple: the title.

The title is what sells your content on search engines, on social networks, on emails, and it is certainly the most critical part of your content marketing strategy.

Why the title is so important

The user always has control of the situation.

You can choose to click on your content and read what you have to say. Or you can choose not to. If the titles of the posts you write on the blog do not communicate value to your potential readers, it means that you are losing the only chance that allows you to reach your audience.


Quite tragic, don’t you think?

Below are the formulas and tips that have allowed us to increase the CTR of our ads by 15-28%.

And that’s not all! At the end of the article you will find a series of best practices that will allow you to understand how to write post titles for your blog more and more effective.

Ideas for writing effective and engaging titles for your blog
Social Rehearsal

There are various psychological mechanisms – absolutely unconscious – that you can exploit in your favor when it comes to writing compelling titles for your blog or for your successful Adwords campaigns.

One of these is the principle of social proof, which has an extraordinary effect on people and brings truly incredible results in terms of conversion rates.

It is based on a very simple concept: we are driven to make certain decisions based on the choices made by others.

The greater these people are and the greater their popularity, the greater the effectiveness of social proof. 

Do you want to bet?  

Here are the 10 formulas for writing post titles with their examples using the social proof:  

1. Here is the method [optional: adjective] which is helping [company name // company number] to [desired result] Here is the method that is helping Amazon to increase turnover by 136%

2. Why [tool name / software / strategy] (And you should too) Why I stopped using Adwords (and you should too)

3. [Post Type] [Desired result] as [company / figure of reference / number of people] [Case Study] Increase the CTR of your ads on Adwords by 36% Like Zalando

4. [number] [adjective] trends that will dominate [name industry / country] for the next [number] years

37 Incredible trends that will dominate fashion for the next 7 years

5. Join the [big number] [job role] that [desired result] Join the 25,000+ Youtuber that Earn € 5000 per Month

6. Here is how [large number] got [desired result] in [period of time] here is how 4 recent graduates changed their life in 30 days

7. [Company / influencer name] Reveals The Way For [desired result] Zuckerberg Reveals the Secret of Its 6 Billion $ Turnover

8. Why [large number] People [desired result] Why 90 thousand Italians Are Moving Abroad

9. The simple method for [desired result] if you are [part of a group of people] The Simple Method to Make Money Online If You Are a Single Mother

10. Your customers will never buy from you without these [number] items (and they won’t even know why) your potential customers will never buy you without these 5 guarantees

Sense of loss

It is really interesting to know that we are much more frightened by the idea of ​​losing something rather than motivated to earn it.

Let’s play a simple game, choose the option you prefer:  

1) They offer you 50 euros. You:

a. Keep 30 euros

b. Put them in the game with the chance to win or lose all 50 euros.

Chosen? Let’s try again, changing things a bit:  

2) They offer you 50 euros. You:

a. Return 20 euros

b. You put them back in the game with the chance to win or lose all 50 euros  

Did you feel that tight in the stomach when you realized you would lose 20 euros? 🙂

This is how the sense of loss affects our brain.  

As with social proof, the sense of loss is also an extremely effective principle that can make the difference in convincing users to take a certain action. 

Here are 10 more examples of effective titles for your posts:  

1. The biggest mistake of [your sector] The Biggest Error of Digital Marketing

2. We tested [tool name / app / service] for [time period]. Here’s what happened. We tested the GoPro Hero 4 for 30 days. Here’s what happened

3. [number] Absurd errors that are killing your [business, site, software …]

7 absurd mistakes that are killing your business

4. Don’t try to [do something] Without Before [desired action] Never Update Your Website Without First Read This Guide Again

5. Why you shouldn’t [do what I want them to do] Why you shouldn’t read this post

6. Why [company name] failed and [another company] achieved success because Uber failed and BlaBlaCar achieved success

7. The Sad Truth on [sector, company …] The Sad Truth on Booking

8. Your competitors do not want you [to do such thing / use that tool] Your Competitors Don’t Want You To Read This Guide

9. [Number] Tool To [achieve desired result] 13 Tool To Create A Successful Blog

10. Recognize the first [number] signs of [what you don’t want to happen] Do you recognize the first 3 signs of a business that is failing?

How to …

The titles that explain how to perform a certain action are still very successful.

Your users are always in a hurry and want to find all the information they need in one place: the more you can go deep into content, the greater the engagement.

Let’s look at some examples:  

1. How to get [desired result] without [main difficulty] How to get new customers without investing a capital

2. How [name of software, tool, company] Completely Revolutionized [your business, your industry] How Facebook Completely Revolutionized the Way of Online Advertising

3. How to Increase [metric] Decreasing [another metric] How to Increase Productivity Decreasing Hours

4. How to [do something] When you have [something challenging] how to manage an online business when you work full-time

5. Increase [desired result] In [period of time] Increase Your Followers On Instagram In 7 Days

6. How to Use [tool / software] For [desired result] How to Use SemRush to Increase Your Traffic by 130%

7. How to transform [bad] In [desired result] How to Transform Your Fears into Opportunities

8. How [large number] got [desired result] without [more difficulty] how 30 companies got 50 Leads / day without investing

Post Titles: Best Practice

Keyword and Query in the titles

We must not forget the importance that  the title of your post has in terms of SEO .

This translates into a very simple best practice: enter the keywords (or even better, the queries) for which you want to position yourself at the beginning of the title.  

Suppose we have to write an article on the IAB Forum 2016 that was held in Milan. The best title is not this: – 12 New Trends Emerged at the IAB Forum 2016

But this: – IAB Forum 2016: 12 New Trends You Don’t Know

Title Length: Formula 3 + 3 and Number Words

A  QuickSprout study showed that the perfect title length is 6 words. Why? The user’s attention always focuses on the first 3 and the last 3 words of the title.

Of course it is not always possible to write titles of this length, so it becomes absolutely necessary to  enter the keywords at the beginning and at the end of the title .

Another best practice is to  write titles with less than 65 characters , that is the maximum limit of characters shown by Google on the SERP.

Longer titles will be cut. You can easily check the length of the titles on Wordcounter.

Let’s take one of the formulas in the list as an example. This title (73 characters):

– Here is the Method that is helping Amazon to increase its turnover by 136%  

It could be rewritten as (62 characters):

– Here is the Amazon Method to Increase Sales by 136%

Simple, isn’t it?

Numbers, figures and statistics in the titles

Numbers are really effective elements to convince readers to pay attention to your content.

When you use the numbers in the titles you immediately capture the user’s interest.


Very simple. The numbers communicate importance.

And increase the CTR  of your title by 12-25%. 

Instead of -How to Increase the CTR Immediately

We use -How to Increase CTR  by 35% 

The titles at a glance

Writing effective titles is serious. But now you have all the tools to increase CTR, traffic, and conversions!

Although these titles have been tested and studied for blog posts and Adwords ads, they are also suitable for use in DEMs and newsletters.

In short, a summary of the steps to follow:

  • Choose the formula you prefer and replace the fields
  • Enter the keyword you want to place at the beginning of the title
  • Enter the most important words as first 3 and as of last 3
  • Make sure the title is up to 65 characters
  • Enter numbers and percentages
  • Enter a specific promise

If this article was helpful, let us know with a comment or a tweet!

And now, what will be the next title of your post?