5 General SEO Rules in 2019

Let’s discover together the 5 rules that will influence the SEO positioning of your website in 2019 .

Google invests enormous resources in its business strategy to be the industry leader. This involves a series of continuous evolutions for the near future in the area of SEO rules.

It is therefore necessary to adapt and evolve one’s SEO strategy so as not to be penalized and to see the benefits immediately.

By 2018, Google had already demonstrated the tendency to focus on SEO parameters in the mobile and upload speeds sector. In 2019, therefore, the SEO strategy must follow this direction.

But they are not the only elements, we see the other trends .


Google started using Mobile-fist Indexing from March 2018: priority is therefore given to the mobile version of the website for indexing and positioning of the same.

Google’s crawlers then analyze the website from a mobile device as a priority and evaluate its functionality and usability on a smartphone.

It is therefore absolutely necessary to have a responsive site, a site that is perfectly visible from all devices, mobile, and desktop.


The loading speed of web pages has always been one of the most important parameters for Google indexing.

As we saw in the previous point, moving it to a mobile perspective therefore, the speed of the website and its smartphone pages is now an even more decisive factor.

Google analyzes the versions of the website based on optimization and speed, also through User Experience reports, primarily those provided by Google Chrome together with the analysis of all the technical parameters that can slow down or speed up the website.


Google uses the online mentions for the positioning of each brand, to derive the authority of the brand (Brand Authority).

Google then creates a profile, a sectoral ranking of the brand examined based on online information:

  • reputation
  • advertising
  • confidence
  • reviews

It is therefore necessary to monitor these parameters and move towards improving them. If this is the Google trend, it is essential to improve the reputation of your brand byanalyzing strengths and sectors that need improvement .


Also the adaptation to the general regulation on data protection ( GDPR ) intervenes in the analysis modifications dictated by Google.

Users’ personal data ( demographic and affinity ) have a deadline of 26 months from collection. It is therefore necessary to check all the functions that collect personal data on your website and how they are managed.


Amazon like Google uses an algorithm for its internal search engine. This has its value if you consider that more than 50% of users consult Amazon before making a purchase.

Amazon is turning, from this point of view, into a search engine specialized in e-commerce. To sell your products it is therefore necessary to evaluate Amazon as a search engine.

From an SEO perspective, you must therefore plan to include optimization for Amazon.

In this article we have therefore discovered the trends for the correct positioning on Google for 2019. Small tricks that will make us go in the right direction in the field of SEO indexing.