7 steps to improve the organic reach and visibility of Instagram Stories

Increase the views of Instagram stories. This is the goal of many social media marketers because the channel in question has become, by now, a reference point for improving the visibility of your content on the social network dedicated to the visual. Do you know what this means in terms of marketing?

Nothing if you don’t have clear goals to achieve. But if the publication of stories on Instagram is part of a well-structured content marketing process then increasing organic reach, and its visibility, is an important necessity. What to know to get the most out of this point?

1. Creates an interesting attack for stories

What is one of the fundamental points to determine the reach, and therefore the visualizations, of the stories on Instagram? The goodness of engagement. This means that you have to make sure that there is immediately a good interest from the public. Should the content have a beginning, a development is an end?

Yes, like any story, we need a logical thread to follow. And maybe you can help yourself with a storyboard, a tool to organize the various phases of the storytelling. But always remember to create an effective attack to immediately involve the attention of the public and make sure that it reaches the end of the fruition.

2. Publish stories on Instagram with consistency

Always evaluating the characteristics of the algorithm Instagram, one of the strengths to increase the views of the stories on Instagram is the constancy of publications. This platform, in fact, rewards accounts that become a constant reference for the user. The best solution?

The idea is not only to appear in the recent publications of your followers, but also to be a stable presence. Better to avoid long pauses of silence alternated by large consecutive activities: think rather of a professional editorial calendar to program the stories in a well-defined way.

3. Mention accounts involved in the story

To give an extra boost to your Instagram storytelling you can follow a good habit: add a mention to involve other accounts. Obviously this is a solution to be considered only when the person you mentioned is directly interested. Otherwise, you risk falling into spam and it’s not the right solution to increase Instagram story views, do you agree?

4. Increase story views in evidence

To give more prominence to what you do you can use a very interesting solution: put the stories in evidence in your profile. Every time you add a photo, you have the possibility to insert the content in a folder that remains in the foreground of the Instagram profile. In this way you can create a sort of categorization of the stories to keep in evidence and show your followers.

5. Use Live videos in the stories

One of the most effective content to increase the visibility of Instagram’s stories: Live, i.e. videos that you capture live and publish without any editing on the stories. So you create a direct link with the people who follow you, you can certainly improve visualizations thanks to this solution.

To get a concrete reference try to do some tests to get an idea of the organic reach that you can record in these cases. Obviously you have to decide upstream what to include in the editorial calendar to capture important moments to propose to your followers. Any concrete examples to mention?

You can film and bring to the attention of followers a conference, a seminar, the opening of a new store, the presentation of a product, a live statement: everything depends on whom you are and how you want to set up your communication through corporate social networks.

6. Stickers and text to improve the result

There are many ways to get a story worthy of note, capable of being noticed by the public. But one combination is clear: by using the right stickers you can give your story a boost.

You can give a soundtrack to what you’ve published but you also have geolocation and hashtag available, two important realities to increase the visibility of Instagram stories. All this without forgetting the function to write on the images: in this way you can combine the copy with the visual content.

7. Polls: create interaction with followers

Instagram story stickers allow you to have a good interaction with people who follow your publications. The advantage here is clear: you can engage and create engagement to make the audience feel involved. And continue to follow your activities on Instagram.

But how best to use Instagram surveys? Enter the question you want to ask people, for example “Do you love an unusual dishes?” and choose what answer to get from them. Basically you can bet on Yes and No but you have the possibility to change and also insert emoji. The question has no limits of characters, the answers can be up to 22 characters only.

How to increase Instagram story visualizations?

These are the fundamental steps to improve the visibility of Instagram Stories and to make sure that your social media marketing work on this platform follows a path based on efficiency and the achievement of results defined upstream. Want a hand to outline your starting strategy? Do you need a consultancy to organize your professional Instagram Marketing activity?