“Data science and social research”: SEOWorkshop among the speakers at the second edition of the conference

We live in an increasingly digital society. The Internet, social media and Artificial Intelligence influence the daily life of users and play a fundamental role in all aspects of society, not least the world of industry.

“Teaching” machines to perform tasks previously reserved for human beings makes production processes faster, more effective and potentially error-free. It makes life easier for us, and now companies are also discovering the potential of AI in the development and management of their marketing strategies.

Analyzing scenarios and applications of these technologies is in fact essential to open new business avenues, transforming marketing making it more modern and effective.

SEOWorkshop, always at the forefront of technological innovation, will be among the speakers at the second international conference on “Data Science and Social Research” to be held today at the University of Milan-Bicocca and tomorrow, February 5, at the University of Milan IULM. During these two days, experts from different disciplines, from Data Mining to Machine Learning, will discuss the challenges and opportunities of the “data revolution” with front panels and round tables.

On this occasion SEOWorkshop will present its new SEO AI project. This new tool puts Artificial Intelligence at the service of business, studying the mechanisms of Google’s ranking and helping companies to find the right keywords and search queries to optimize and get the most from their website.

Jacob Zucchi, Head of Digital Strategy at SEOWorkshop, will show the full potential of this tool on February 5 at 11.45 am during the panel moderated by Guido Di Fraia, Pro-Rector for Innovation and Communication at IULM University.