How to increase sales of an eCommerce: the key steps

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Many small activities, often of a local nature, discover that an eCommerce can bring its business back to light, which can often be in difficulty due to geographical limitations.

Of course, a small company can afford a consultant to create the site for you, but it is unlikely that you will be able to afford advertisers who implement an effective marketing strategy, and this could lead to a difficulty in taking off sales.

In this article, which is practically a do-it-yourself, we will explain to you what are the preliminary and essential operations to get started on the sales of an eCommerce.


Before starting and throwing yourself headlong into sales, it’s good to understand who you are selling to, to choose the best advertising channels.

For example, if our audience is a young audience, it may be useful to try to sell on YouTube, or collaborate with young people who are already working there; if, instead, the public is more adult, the best solution is to advertise on Google or Facebook, more used by those of advanced age.

However, it is good to take this into consideration to avoid using the wrong advertising channels for our business.


Another fundamental step to increase eCommerce sales is to gain the trust of the customer, who must learn to know the company.

The key question, in fact, is always “Why should the customer buy from my site, instead of from Amazon / eBay?”; the answer may be the quality of the products, the variety of the choice, the memory of the brand.

It is also useful not to focus immediately on sales but, first of all, to capture the customer’s attention with social channels: commenting, sharing funny posts, writing something interesting will make the user see our brand and remember who we are.


One of the fundamental cornerstones of eCommerce is the dedicated staff with assistance. In fact, allowing the user to communicate both on the main social networks and (above all) by telephone or even via live video allows users to know that behind that eCommerce there is a structured company, and that for any problem there is it will be someone who will help him solve it.

So making available phone numbers always active (at certain times, of course) and providing answers even on holidays through social channels is one of the key things to decree the success of an eCommerce.

For this last point, bots can also be considered.